What do we use Perperuk fruit puree for?

Purees are used for making a variety of drinks, milkshakes, ice cream, marmalade, jams, flavorings, Caffee Glace, cocktails, mocktails, jellies, fruit-fill, cheesecakes, cakes, pastries, fruit yogurt, juice, sorbet ice cream, frappe, and more Fruit desserts.

پوره میوه پرپروک

Why we must use “Perperuk” puree

  1. “Perperuk” puree has the taste and aroma of natural fruit because it does not perceive heat, but the concentrate loses the main taste and qualities of the fruit due to heat.
  2. The “Perperuk” fruit puree has the natural color of fruit, but the concentrate is slightly dark.
  3. The maintenance cost of “Perperuk” puree is higher than the concentrate because it is not heated.
  4. The puree is for meat fruits, but the concentrate is for juicy fruits. Of course, meat fruit concentrate is also available.
  5. The process of producing concentrate is longer than puree.
  6. “Perperuk” puree is very healthy and natural because it does not contain any chemicals.
پوره میوه پرپروک
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